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Burried kilometers underground, pure & salty

About Kintan Salt

About Kintan Salt

Better Salt Source

Born with unique geographical advantage

Our salt mine is located at the foot of the Maoshan Mountain,

in the south of the Jiangsu Province, where the people have specific

respect and care for Nature. Each grain of salt is a pure gift from Nature.

Kintan salt mine was formed 70 million years ago,

located 800-1300 meters underground. Thanks to the

superior geographical conditions and the pleasant climate,

the rock salt here has a high purity, containing up to 85% sodium

chloride. In virtue of its comprehensive indicators, Kintan salt mine

ranks the first in East China, and is recognized as “the top mine in Jiangnan”.

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Better Production

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    Inject water and exploit brine 1
  • 2024022203004631
    Refine brine 2
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    Salt & sulphate separation 3
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    Packing 4
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    Storage 5
  • 2024022102590424
    Transport 6
  • Inject water and exploit brine
  • Refine brine
  • Salt & sulphate separation
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Transport

Better Transportation

ChinaSalt Jintan lies in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, and

has convenient land transportation and low-cost water transportation.

We have 3 logistic systems: water transportation for Wet Salt

and Primary Brine; road transportation and water transportation for

bagged salt products; maritime transportation for international markets.

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    Intelligent logistics
  • Packaging sizes: 0.5kg, 50kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 28000kg, etc.

  • Types of packaging: Food Grade PE bags, PP woven bags, Laminated Kraft Paper bags, cans, etc.

  • Option:We also offer pallets wrapped by films to prevent contamination during transportation.

  • Road transportation

  • Water transportation

  • Railway transportation

  • Intelligent delivery

  • Integration of cargo weighing and supply chain process

  • Unattended automation