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Our Stories

Our Stories

Our Company

ChinaSalt Jintan Co., Ltd. began in 1988 and was formally established in Jiangsu Province in 2001. We are a state-owned enterprise belonging China National Salt Group (CNSG) and a leading manufacturing company of salt products. Each year, we produce more than 5 million tons of all kinds of salt products for the world, covering more than 30 countries and regions: Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan Province, etc.

We keep offering safe, reliable and professional services to clients and customers around the world in virtue of our values “To respect Nature; to follow the moral principles; to appreciate the talent; to serve the best products”, our rich salt resources, and our vision of promoting sustainable development: “To realize the infinite circulation of limited resources”.


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    Covering over countries and regions

Our History

What can we do today to better our tomorrow

  • In 1960s - 图片
    In 1960s

    The Geological Department discovered Kintan Salt Basin.

  • 1988.02 - 图片

    The Jintan Salt Industry Development Company was founded. In June of the same year, “Maoxing Salt Mine” was established.

  • 1994.09 - 图片

    Brine refining plant with 300000 t/a treatment capacity was put into production.

  • 2001.09 - 图片

    ChinaSalt Jintan Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary company belonging to CNSG.

  • 2004.06 - 图片

    The vacuum salt production project of ME with an annual output of 600k tons was put into production, which started the salt mine mining in Jiangnan.

  • 2007.08 - 图片

    The environment-friendly and energy-saving product“ primary brine” entered into chlor-alkali enterprises.

  • 2008.10 - 图片

    We signed the High Purity Salt Export Agreement with Australia Salt International, which marked our entrance into the high-end salt market.

  • 2010.05 - 图片

    The 3,000 tons of wet salt free of loosening agent was exported to Japan, which marked our victory of conquering the Japanese market.

  • 2010.11 - 图片

    The MVR vacuum salt production project with an annual output of 1 million tons was put into production, which brought us to the forefront of the industry around the world.

  • 2011.03 - 图片

    Kintan Salt Mine was admitted as “National Green Mine Pilot Organization”.

  • 2017.11 - 图片

    Disinfectant Salt was launched to provide optimal water treatment solutions for the water industry.

  • 2018.05 - 图片

    Kintan Salt was qualified as “National Ecological Product of Origin Protection”.

  • 2021.12 - 图片

    Eco-rock salt and Fruit and Vegetable Washing Salt were launched.

  • 2022.01 - 图片

    We were titled as National Green Factory.

  • 2022.05 - 图片

    The first Salt Cavern Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant in China was connected to the power generation grid.

  • 2023.12 - 图片

    Kintan Snow Salt and Kintan Rock Salt entered into the market.